• A modern design coordinated with the Snack&Food models

  • Smooth linear external surfaces for easy cleaning

  • Easily customisable energy efficient backlit LED panels

  • Touch technology selection keypad with LED keys

  • 480×272 pixel graphic display with options for customised slideshows or additional information (e.g. ingredients and nutritional values)

  • FAS MF1 high performance flat plate grinder

  • Easy access to reduce maintenance times

  • Varnished cabinet equipped with a door with three locking points and programmable Rielda locking system

  • Equipped with vandal-proof coin slot

  • Theft-proof upper and side bars

  • 650 cc boiler with precise temperature gauge (Espresso Version)

  • 32 bit electronics with USB 2.0 HOST

  • Rielda RS1 locking device

  • Energy-saving setting

  • Programming, cloning and audit functions with standard USB Pen Drive


Winning GCD

Winning is the leading free standing vending machine in the FAS Hot&Cold collection. With a capacity of almost 800 cups and with a direct selection function, it is able to meet any requirement. Espresso and Instant versions available.

Winning GCD

Quantity, quality and functionality

Available with a professional flat blade MF1 grinder with automatic grinding function


Solenoid mixing valve to guarantee different and ideal temperatures for each instant beverage


Professional MF1 flat blade grinder


Drinks dispenser with a double hinged joint for easy access to the internal part of the machine for loading, maintenance and cleaning

Image 4: Available with a professional flat blade MF1 grinder with automatic grinding function.

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