Illuminated keypad


Interface with 7" tablet (TMT Version)


480x272 pixel colour graphic display


Larger product dispenser drawer

Faster TM and TMT

Because size matters

Faster TM and TMT 

Faster TM and TMT ( touch ) was created to enable the sale of larger products without compromising on the advanced technology and high standards which distinguish FAS Snack&Food vending machines. Available in the 900 and 1050 versions.


  • Linear design for easy cleaning

  • Patented, energy-saving, slide-in/slide-out refrigeration unit that can be replaced quickly

  • Patented lateral refrigeration ventilation for energy savings, condensation and optimal homogenization of temperatures

  • 32-bit electronics with USB 2.0 HOST

  • Power Led illumination with Energy Saving

  • Programming, cloning, and Audit functions using a standard USB pen drive

  • Larger interior dimensions for above-average management of voluminous products:

  • Increased space between glass and drawer comparedto standard version

  • Product drop space maximised
    – The front panel in glass has intelligent LED lighting to highlight product availability after distribution

  • Larger door is reinforced and customizable

  • Ready for easy installation of optional Drawer Display Kit and Push Drawers

  • Rielda RS1 Lock

  • Easy Click System: for configuring the machine quickly and easily without any need for technical instruments

  • Version TM
    Graphic colour display 480×272 pixel with the possibility of a personalised slide shows and/or visualization of supplementary information (ex: product ingredients and nutritional value)
    Illuminated keyboard

  • Version TMT
    Interactive user interface with 7’’ TABLET
    Integrated WIFI connection
    Configured for dongle key internet connection
    Standard anti-vandal coin return

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