Automatic doors


Compact and easily removable cooling unit


Removable drums

Easy 6000 GCD

Traditional yet innovative

Easy 6000 GCD

Easy 6000 is the drum vending machine from FAS. This model still has a place in the vending sector to fulfill certain specific market requirements. It is built to the same standards of quality and reliability as the other FAS Snack&Food vending machines.


  • Striking design which can be coordinated with the Hot&Cold models

  • Flat linear outer surface for easy cleaning

  • 32 bit electronics with USB 2.0 HOST

  • Compact and easily removable cooling unit

  • Visual Version with illuminated product cases and LED price display

  • Lateral ventilation (patented)

  • Removable drums for easy loading

  • Door with anti-theft bars: 3 locking points and protected and programmable locking device

  • LED lighting

  • Energy efficient

  • Automatic doors with adjustable timers

  • 480×272 pixel graphic display with personalised options for slideshows or additional information (e.g. ingredients and nutritional values)

  • Eight 120 mm high drums configurable in 4-6-8-12-16-24-48 compartments

  • Programming, cloning and audit functions with standard USB Pen Drive

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