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Automated Canteen

@Dining system

@Dining System

The ideal solution for companies and communities in general who need an automated cafeteria service, complete with software to manage the menu, ordering processes and distribution through vending machines. The versatility of the software allows the operator to activate the most suitable selections for each location, remotely adjusting the menus, ordering and dispensing times, prices etc. Payment systems can be adjusted for immediate payment on ordering or integrated with the company management system and customised to suit the users’ requirements. It is also possible to produce reports on positive and negative responses to meals ordered, integration with company management systems, types of meal, distribution hours, meal cost per customer and any other data to optimise and customise the service in a specific location.


Select and order The user consults the menu, customised for each day of the week, at various touchscreen points both on short wave circuits or directly from their own smartphone or tablet. It is then possible to order a meal for one or more days of the week. The orders are processed and the dishes are automatically loaded into the dedicated vending machine drawers.

Collecting the meal On the day of the order, the user goes to the vending machine and identifies themselves. The vending machine unlocks the drawer by rotating the drum and opening the safety door. Meals ordered in advance can then be easily collected.

Bon Appetit! Once the ordered meal has been collected the customer is able to manage their own meal. Depending on the selection, dishes may be warmed in the integrated microwave with automated heating times or served at room temperature. The service is completed by trays and cutlery available in the unit.

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